First (and only) design sketch of the main characters.
For "Kewl's" (left) design I was trying to strike a balance between a parody of someone
trying to look cool and someone the reader could eventually sympathize with.
For the transition from sketchbook to comic I tried to make him less bully-like
(and more sympathetic) by subtracting some pounds and adding some facial
expressions of a less intimidating nature.

Thumbnails, layouts and additional pre-production sketches.
As you can probably guess by the rough/unfinished character designs I'm not the type
of person who likes to dedicate a ton of time to this process. Basically my aim here is to
determine the framing of each panel, the placement of text and the general look of the
characters before jumping into the main event where I feel I can work out the finer
details as they arise.

Print version of WSC. Ideal for reading to strangers beyond the confines of your computer room. :)

'World's Stupidest Comic' © 2008 Eric Erbes