Cruzin' el Santa Cruz (a photo travelogue)

First stop: the Pier

Seagull and sunning sea lions on the Santa Cruz Pier.

Picture of Santa Cruz Pier looking towards the Boardwalk.

Seagull on the pier, waves in the sunset.

Next: Neary Lagoon

Nearly Lagoon wood ducks in the reeds.

Cowell Beach

Santa Cruz otter ariel view.

Santa Cruz otter cracking a shell

Surfers on Cowell Beach at sunset.

Low tide surfers along West Cliff Drive near Cowell Beach.

Low tide Steamer Lane surfers.

Santa Cruz Steamer Lane surfers on the beach.

West Cliff Drive lookingat some beach combers near Steamer Lane at low tide.

Lighthouse Field at Point Santa Cruz

Sunset at the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum located at Lighthouse Field overlooking Point Santa Cruz.

Natural Bridges State Beach

Natural Bridges State Beach sunset picture.

Natural Bridges State Beach sunset surfer photo.

Kids looking at tidepools near Natural Bridges State Beach.

Santa Cruz sunset cliff silhouette.

Santa Cruz Marine Lab near Terrace Point

Santa Cruz Marine Lab near Terrace Point at sunset.

* yawn * Well... it's getting late, better head back.

© 2007 Eric Erbes