Random Rambles #1

Monkey Chef

For the email attachment panel I was looking for a photo that was equal parts cheesy and stupid
(ie something you could only find humorous in a spacey, sleep-deprived state). After a
fruitless search through my own email history I ended up falling back on a combination of Google
and Photoshop to piece together the above monstrosity (which I feel serves its purpose adequately).

Random Rambles scans

The entirety of the comics' hand drawn artwork was completed on two 11" by 14"
pages. The remainder of Rambles' 30+ panels were illustrated in the computer.
This is a approach I like to call "the environmentally-friendly artist" technique
(or, more accurately, "the Eric's too cheap to scrimp for extra paper" technique).

adding blacks in Photoshop #1
adding blacks in Photoshop #2

For this comic the biggest challenge artistically was spotting the black areas of the
panels (something I haven't done a lot of in the past). To make this process easier
I inked and scanned the outlines first and then experimented with the placement of
the dark shadows in Photoshop where I could easily "undo" any mistakes I made.

Digitized Monkey

For the computer panels I basically traced over slightly altered screenshots using my tablet
to achieve the realistic, hand-drawn look. For the final versions I decreased the resolution of the
artwork to give them a pixelated, computer-generated texture that contrasts with the other panels.

'Random Rambles' © 2011 Eric Erbes