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A Very Strange Man Partie Deux

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
A Very Strange Man Part 2

A Very Strange Man Interacts with the Outside World Partie Deux is online!

Once again it’s set in Santa Cruz, a town that seems to have had a significant influence on a lot of my work. Having spent a good portion of my “formative adult years” in Santa Cruz I think it’s only natural that the town weave its way into my stories about characters in a similar stage of their life.

Also the rate I conceive of new storyline ideas for comics is much faster than the rate I actually create a physical comic from one of those ideas. Thus, despite the fact that I’ve been living in Portland for the past three years, I still have a backlog of comic ideas that were originally conceived and developed while I was living in Santa Cruz (A Very Strange Man included). Considering the majority of the stuff I write is semi-autobiographical (A Very Strange Man excluded :P) I guess it’s pretty obvious why Santa Cruz has become my go-to setting as of late.

Finally, regardless of where I lived I just think that Santa Cruz is a great setting for a story in general. The young, the old, the rich, the poor, the tourists, the locals, the beaches, the mountains, all converge in a relatively smallish, scenic seaside town that hosts a variety of close-knit communities (including my personal favorite, the beach bum community). That seems like a setting ripe for drama/mystery/comedy to me.

Anyway I’m not implying that the Strange series is going to be some deep exploration of Santa Cruz culture. Far from it. It’s very much a silly, somewhat immature (some would argue horrifically unfunny) slice-of-life romp that happens to be set in Santa Cruz because I can’t imagine it taking place anywhere else. That and I don’t personally know of many long-form Santa Cruz based comics out there so I hope (if nothing else) I can do my part to change that. :)

Strange Man Partie Deux Release Date

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
promotional ad for 'a very strange man part 2: Santa Cruz'

A Very Strange Man Partie Un

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
A Very Strange Man Part 1

The first installment of my new online comic series is up! More installments are on the way. If you have feedback feel free to leave comments. If you enjoy what you see so far feel free to share/like/promote the series on your favorite social media. Thanks for reading!

Very Strange Comic Series Coming Very Soon

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
promotional ad for 'A Strange Man' webcomic.

If the above graphic didn’t make it clear the title and release date of my new webcomic series has been announced. You can expect similar announcements about future installments to pop up here over the next few months.

Pretty excited to finally share this one as it’s my first longer-form comic series in quite some time and I think fans of my previous long, short, humorous and/or dramatic work should get a kick out of it. Stay tuned!

Manga Summer Update

Monday, June 8, 2015

Manga comics lettered by Eric Erbes

Happy summer y’all! Work on my new comic series continues to be slow but steady (I should have a lot more info about that project in my next update). In the meantime I thought I’d share a few of the manga titles I’ve recently done lettering work for. Released this month and featured in the above photo (from left to right): Gangsta volume 6, Fragments of Horror and Dogs volume 10. All intended for mature audiences, all exciting, beautifully illustrated examples of the action, horror and sci-fi genres (respectively).

Suffice to say it’s quite an honor to be associated (via a small part, admittedly) with such high quality, high profile books from some of Japan’s best manga creators.

New Webcomic in the Works

Sunday, December 28, 2014
Sample artwork from 'A Strange Man' webcomic.

Hiya all, Eric here. You might remember me as the guy who used to update this site on a semi-monthly basis. Well I’ve been away for a while working on short-form comics for my other site, Statistical Fact.

More recently I’ve been dabbling in a longer-form comic which you can see some sample art above. Right now I can say that the new series will be released in several installments on this site starting early next year. Most of the writing/planning is done and I’m closing in on the halfway point for the artwork, it’s just a matter of finding the time to finish the rest of the grunt work amid my busy work schedule.

More webcomic updates here as they develop, in the meantime Happy New Year!

Recommended Reads Round 2

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hey folks! After spending a majority of the year working on Statistical Fact and various work projects I’m back to share a couple updates/ news items.

First off I’ve made some tablet-friendly infinite canvas comics in the past but I’ve finally got around to optimizing the core site for tablet/phone viewing. It’s not perfect and I don’t have a Masters degree in Web Design but you should have a much smoother experience the next time you navigate through on your mobile platform of choice.

Secondly I’m on hiatus from drawing for a bit while my broken arm heals so I’ve been catching up on my webcomic reading. Thought I’d share a few of the titles I’m currently digging:

Matthew Bogart: I first discovered Matthew’s work when I picked up a copy of The Chair’s Hiatus at the local Stumptown convention. The comic was illustrated digitally and had a loose, experimental style which I immediately took a liking to and tried emulate in my Statistical Fact series. His latest comic, Oh, It’s the End of the World, not only improves on this style with striking use of colors but also weaves a compelling story that’s part slice-of-life, part sci-fi and wholly original.

Formal Sweatpants: Fans of the Far Side will definitely want to check out this series as it shares many similarities (both in style and subject matter). Josh’s uniquely surreal renderings of creatures (who often look like they’ve been crossbred with Jabba the Hutt) never fails to amuse.

American Elf: The first, best and longest running daily diary webcomic. Reading a single installment might cause you to dismiss the series as slight or trivial but taken as a whole it’s undoubtedly an epic and very personal achievement.

That’s all for now. If you’d like to see more webcomic recommendations you can find them here.

Checklists and Statistical Facts…

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Checklists webcomic title

Wait! Wait! Come back! I promise this post won’t be as boring as the title implies. Happy to report that it’s been a productive couple of months on the webcomic front. First, my Statistical Fact series continues to expand with 22 new “facts” since April and more comics on the way in July.

Second, a several months back I created a comic for an ill-fated zine (AKA self-published books that are popular here in Portland). The topic of this particular zine was supposed to be “staying indoors and playing games”. You can read my submission (which I’ve since added color and formatted for the web) here.

It’s Alive!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Statistical Fact comic series title

If you didn’t already know my “sister site” (for lack of a better term) is up and running and cranking out new comics Mondays and Thursdays through April. The site is currently in what I’d like to call beta or “soft launch” mode as I continue to tinker with it and get feedback. Hopefully I’ll do some heavier promotion once I’ve filled out the comics archive and am confident that everything is running smoothly.

For those of you familiar with my previous comic work, you know I like to experiment with style and format and the Statistical Fact series is no exception. The obvious change for this series is the adoption of a more traditional webcomic format: short-form humor “strips”, comics featured on the front page, weekly updates, etc. I know this is the basic format of the most popular webcomics and I know the short-form comics are much easier to share on Facebook and other social networks so I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if the new format translates to a wider audience.

The other “draw” that got me interested in this series is the freedom it gave me to do more drawing! I know that may seem like a silly/nonsensical reason but as an artist I find it difficult to motivate myself to draw anything that’s not related to a comic project. I’m not the type of person that can sit in a coffee shop and fill a sketchbook with random drawings for hours on end (although I wish I was because I know that type of experience can be rewarding). My other quirk/shortcoming/flaw as an artist is I tend to lose motivation when I’m working on long-form comics that involve drawing the same characters and environments over and over again. Statistical Fact, at least from my current vantage point, seems like it would be a nice compromise: ongoing motivation to create sketchbook-style comics and short-form so the work always feels fresh (one day I’m drawing a baby playing tennis, the next I’m drawing “Jellysaurus”).

Anyway, that’s enough borderline egotistical platitudes for one post. Please check out, if you like what you see and want to support the site tell a friend, click an ad, “like” it on your preferred social network.

I grow weary of typing, time to freshen things up with some disgruntled pirate drawing. ;)

Launch Date for Statistical Fact Webcomic

Monday, March 25, 2013

After a brief hiatus I’m back in full website tinkering mode and ready to announce the launch date of my latest project:

Barring any unforeseen technical calamities, my new ongoing webcomic series Statistical Fact will debut on April 1st at

Mark your calenders, update your bookmarks, delouse your chinchillas, it’s gonna be a wild ride folks.