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Statistical Fact: Dumb Comics for Smart People

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The unfeasible adventures of Beaver and Steve! Bolt City Webcomics


American Elf- The first, best and longest running daily diary webcomic. Reading a single installment might cause you to dismiss the series as slight or trivial but taken as a whole it's undoubtedly an epic and very personal achievement.

Beaver and Steve- nonsensical humor at it's best, with a simple yet no-less-effective style to boot.

Bolt City- On top of his beautiful webcomics (Cooper and Clive and Cabbage) Kazu's online journal is also a great resource for learning about the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a freelance comic creator.

Drew Weing- highly talented creator whose Pup series is one of the most innovative comics on the web. His Journal Comic series is also great fun.

Formal Sweatpants- Fans of the Far Side will definitely want to check out this series as it shares many similarities (both in style and subject matter). Josh's uniquely surreal renderings of creatures (who often look like they've been crossbred with Jabba the Hutt) never fails to amuse.

Homestar Runner- more of a cartoon than a comic site but I had to squeeze the link in here just in case you're one of the few who haven't discovered this unique retro-humor gem of a site.

Derek Kirk Kim- Derek Kirk Kim's comics strike a pleasant balance between self-depricating humor and keen introspection (see his graphic novel "Same Difference"). His early webcomics were a huge influence, eventually inspiring me to develop my own site.

Matthew Bogart- I first discovered Matthew's work when I picked up a copy of The Chair's Hiatus at the local Stumptown convention. The comic was illustrated digitally and had a loose, experimental style which I immediately took a liking to and tried emulate in my Statistical Fact series. His latest comic, Oh, It's the End of the World, not only improves on this style with striking use of colors but also weaves a compelling story that's part slice-of-life, part sci-fi and wholly original.

Nedroid- home of Beartato: he's half bear, half potato, and all fun. First time visitors are encouraged to check out this Introducion to Beartato post.

Perry Bible Fellowship- scathingly dark humor at it's best.

Ryan Andrews- Nothing is Forgotten is a thoroughly involving stand-alone webcomic that also serves as fitting homage to the work of Hayao Miyazaki. His other comics are equally engaging conduits into worlds that are both surreal and ordinary.

Scott McCloud- the popular comic scholar's official website. Features not only many of his original online comics but also a wealth of comic-related news and commentary pieces.


Brian Churilla- a very talented gothic/horror comic artist who I've done some coloring work for.

Digital Webbing- company that published Bad Elements (my first comic coloring job), the site also hosts an excellent forum for meeting and discussing topics with other comic creators.

Licensable Bear- the official web site of Nat Gertler's one-of-a-kind comic series which I've done some illustration work for. The 'Products they should've Licensed me for' section is always good for some laughs.

Out of this World- the official website of the comic/activity bibliotherapy series written by Jon Filliti and illustrated by myself. In addition to being able to order print and digital versions of the books you can also view concept sketches, download activities, and read some behind-the-scenes material.

VIZ Media- The largest publisher of manga (ie Japanese comics) in North America. I've done lettering work on over 10 VIZ series including Saturn Apartments, Dogs and Gangsta.


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