Licensable Bear, Finder of Lost Consumers comic by Nat Gertler and Eric Erbes

This comic is a selection from The Licensable BearTM Big Book of Officially Licensed Fun! graphic novel. The collection features dozens of other stories starring the enigmatic, self-aware spokes-bear as he tackles morality, civil unions, internet piracy and Santa Claus (among other things).

If you enjoyed this comic and are looking for more Nat Gertler-penned goodness (including a second story illustrated by myself) I highly recommend you pick up his collection through Amazon or these other fine online vendors.

As an added bonus all book sale profits will be donated to the Licensable BearTM "I Want a Sports Car" fund.  :)


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Story copyright 2005-2011 Nat Gertler, artwork copyright 2005-2011 Eric Erbes. Licensable BearTM and his likeness are trademarks of About Comics.