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SUNDAY 10/3/10

FYI: Just want to give everyone a heads up that a pretty exciting (in my opinion anyway) update is on its way. I've just completed a new comic and am currently in the process of updating some features on the website.

Wish me luck and stay tuned!

Tokyo Flowchart manga series featured on

TUESDAY 3/30/10

For those of you, like myself, who enjoy an occasional dose of bizarre webcomics check out Tokyo Flowchart currently appearing on In addition to being the world’s first four-frame comic strip in flow chart format it also rivals the title of World's Stupidest Comic with nonsensical comic gems such as this. Oh, and the lettering is pretty decent too. ;)

As far as nonbiased recommendations go: Derek Kirk Kim is serializing a new story online which is never not a good thing. Please support talented, productive webcomic creators who can somehow make time to produce quality products amidst the over-whelming demands of their busy freelance career (color me jealous).

Saturn Apartment manga series featured on

TUESDAY 1/19/10

Happy 2010!!

I apologize for showing up late to the party but I’ve been super busy for the past couple of months (why do I have a lingering sense of déjà vu writing this?). In addition to the three graphic novel series I’ve been working on (see previous post) I’ve also contributed lettering work to several series that are featured on VIZ’s new online manga site These include I Am a Turtle, Bob & His Funky Crew, Tokyo FlowChart, What’s the Answer, and, my personal favorite, Saturn Apartments (did I mention I've been busy?). 2009 seemed to be the year I got my career back on track and I got high hopes going into 2010 that this will be the year I finally make headway on the webcomics production front (the story ideas are ready to go I just need to make time to illustrate them).

Until next time…

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