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TUESDAY 12/31/07


As per usual I've been crazy busy lately so it was a welcome relief to finally take some time off to visit family for the holidays. Fortunately vacation and work haven't entirely eclipsed my webcomic production schedule and, as a result, I'm happy to report that my latest, possibly greatest, and most-definitely stupidest comic is ready to show. Due to impending work deadlines I'll have to leave it at that for now but I promise to be back with more stupid stuff to show soon. :)

Until then, adiós muchachos and hope you have fun with the comic!

1st Annual ArtCar Fest in Santa Cruz!

TUESDAY 11/27/07

Added a bunch of photos I've been meaning to upload for the past couple months but just never got around to it. They're from a particularly nice day in September when the ArtCar Fest invaded downtown Santa Cruz (a first for the fest). If you're a local and happen to be around while one's going on I highly recommend dropping by.

It's definitely the most fun I've ever had at an outdoor art gallery :)

Halloween Night in Santa Cruz 2007

WEDNESDAY 10/31/07

Long time no update! Been busier than usual over the past couple months jumping back and forth between lettering projects and coloring projects. While I've had to put the webcomics on hold lately due to the workload I did manage to iron out the story details for my next comic (tentatively planned for December). Hopefully I'll be out of the woods soon as I'm definitely chomping at the bit to sharpen the ol' Colerase non-photo blue pencil and get back into the drawing scene. Until then Happy Halloween and stay tuned for a new photo gallery in a couple weeks.

Son of Mr. Fly Comic

SUNDAY 8/19/07

Just finished a new webcomic that can be viewed here. Originally intended for the comic to be a simple side-project to take my mind off the slow and plodding progress being made (or more accurately not being made) on Ode to Santa Cruz. Once I got started though, and anyone who peruses this site regularly can probably guess, I got a bit carried away in the production process resulting in the anything-but-simple digitally painted look you see now. While I doubt I’d say the same 10 hours into the touch-up/coloring phase, now that it’s done I must admit I’m glad I put in the extra effort as the finished panels recall the look and feel of the original short quite nicely.

Anyway that’s enough out of me. Enjoy the comic and don’t forget to give some love to the comments section. Your feedback is much appreciated.

TUESDAY 8/7/07

Recently returned from vacation and just finished catching up on my freelance work (for the moment).

Looking back I had a great time in San Diego both pitching books and talking shop with the Ablaze Media crew as well as scoping out some of the many local hotspots with my sister and Rob after the convention.

Looking ahead I'm currently taking a short break from Ode to Santa Cruz to illustrate a fun little webcomic I've had on the backburner for some time now. The "spiritual sequel" to one of my previous works should be ready to post in a few days so stay tuned...


Wow, time has been flying by lately. I guess that’s what happens when you get caught up in all the exciting activities that help ring in the start of summer (visiting relatives, kayaking, beach volleyball, etc). All the going-ons have unfortunately (but predictably) reflected poorly my aforementioned webcomic production schedule, which has slowed to what can only be described as a glacial pace as of late. Admittedly though the start of summer isn’t entirely to blame. Much like what happened with my previous comic the “storyline” for Ode to Santa Cruz has grown in length since I started production. While illustrating extra panels to address changes in the plot was (fairly) quick and painless for Robo Luv (due to it’s simplistic style) Ode is another beast entirely (due to it’s realistic, heavily photo-referenced style). Suffice to say, the majority of time spent on Ode during the month of June was outside with my camera collecting photos and reference material for the new elements of my story. On that front at least I’m all caught up so I should be settling back into webcomic illustration mode once I'm all caught up on all my other freelance work. :P

Also should mention that I’ll be helping out the Ablaze Media guys again at the San Diego Con July 26th through the 28th. We’ll be promoting Tozzer 2 as well as their latest project-in-development which I’m providing coloring work for so it should be a fun experience. :]

Phew, looks like it’s going to be another busy month, I apologize in advance if my website updates become a bit lax as a result... :(

...Oh, and Happy 4th of July! :)


In my ongoing quest to increase the interactivity of the site while simultaneously broadening my web coding skidillies I've added a new guestbook/general comments section that can be accessed through the Contact page. Other than that I'm afraid there's not a whole lot to report at the moment. Recently reserved a plane ticket to San Diego for the next Comic Con, more on that and my webcomic production status soon...

Ode to Santa Cruz preview panel.


Upped another preview "panel" of Ode to Santa Cruz here. Having cleared up a significant proportion of my monthly freelance duties I'm now looking forward to delving back into (and hopefully putting a major dent in) my latest webcomic production schedule. While progress on the artwork is still slow-going I've been pretty satisfied with how the panels are turning out and am looking forward to seeing how they all come together for the finished comic. At the very least it should be a completely different read than any of my previous webcomics.

And speaking of previous webcomics I've finally got around to adding comments sections to the site so that visitors now have the option of posting feedback on some of my stuff. It's something I attempted to install a while back but had to disable due to an onslaught of spammy posts. Fortunately though today's web software seems better equipped for these type of issues so I thought I'd give the old online-interactivity-outlet another go with the help of some popular WordPress tools. Anyway in the interest of not going off on a boring tech tangent let's just say the venture worked out and the comment sections are now up and running. You'll find a list of all the comics that now invite comments below. In addition you can jump directly to each comment section by following the individual links.

Robo Luv
Nick and Monkey
Pirate Property
Why the People at Mickey D's are Geniuses
Goats Ahoy!

For future reference you can also find comment links on the last page of each of the above-mentioned comics.

Happy posting!!!

Kayaking with the seals at Elkhorn Slough.

TUESDAY 5/1/07

Recently did some kayaking down at Elkhorn Slough, a large tidal salt marsh on the Central California coastline. While I've had a few enjoyable kayaking trips in the past this one definitely tops them all if only because of the vast diversity of wildlife I encountered while weaving my way through the estuary. In addition to the dozen or so species of birds I also saw something like thirty sea otters and forty seals which were oftentimes spotted swimming around, underneath and alongside my kayak (as you can see one of the harbor seals doing in the above photo). Unfortunately, due to my fear of going bottom up in the water, I was without camera for the trip but if you'd like to see more wetland wildlife pictures you can check out the Elkhorn Slough website photo gallery here.

In other news the one-two punch of extra freelance projects and apartment repairs have been keeping me pretty busy over the past month. Fortunately though the month of May is looking to be lot less hectic so I expect to make some progress on my Ode to Santa Cruz comic. I should have more info (and possibly another sample panel) up later in the month so stay tuned!

TUESDAY 4/17/07

For anyone who missed its appearance in Digital Webbing Presents #27 the gothic horror comic Sack-'em-Up Gentlemen can now be viewed on the web through Kevin Melrose's ComicSpace site here. Besides being a fun read with wonderfully stylized artwork by Brian Churilla the comic also holds sentimental value for me because it was my first published coloring work. Fans are also encouraged to check out Lamb to the Slaughter, another Melrose-penned DWP yarn that's equally entertaining (and creepy).

While we're on the subject of past projects I recently stumbled onto a new (to me at least) review of Licensable Bear #3 that you can read here. Having illustrated one of the stories in the book it's always exciting to get feedback on you and your fellow contributing creator's work (especially when that feedback falls into the positive category ;) Thanks Marc Mason for taking the time to write a review and glad you dug the comic. One thing's for sure: reading the review and rereading LBTM #3 has definitely got me anxious to find out what the Bear has in store for us this summer (when issue #4 hits stands). Be sure to check out About Comics and for the latest info.

SATURDAY 3/31/07

As promised here's a sample "panel" from my latest webcomic-in-development Ode to Santa Cruz. I say "panel" because it's not exactly a final version yet (still need to write/add some dialogue/sound effects) but it should give you a general idea of the look I'm shooting for. As you can tell my style this go-around will be much more realistic and detail-oriented than some of my previous webcomic endeavors which unfortunately means the illustration process is going to take that much longer to complete. Of the handful of panels I've completed so far I think I've averaged about 5 hours of work each which is a little high for my liking and does not bode well for the prospect of finishing the comic within the next few months. Hopefully, with additional practice, I'll become more comfortable with the style and, in turn, be able to streamline the process a bit. But regardless of how long it takes (or how much I complain ;) I'm still very excited and motivated to be working on this project so you can rest assured that, one way or another, I'll continue to chip away until it's completed.

Also, because I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I added a new Año Nuevo desktop wallpaper to the site that you can download here. Now available in both regular and HD widescreen format. WOO HOO!

THURSDAY 3/15/07

Hey all, work and Summer-like weather have been keeping me distracted for the past few weeks but I'm happy to report that I finally made time to lay pen to paper on my next webcomic (tentatively titled Ode to Santa Cruz). At this point I've got the artwork style and the main plot points figured out so now it's only a matter of transferring the stuff floating around in my head onto the page sans a significant loss in quality (a task easier said than done as most creators can attest to :P). As far as the schedule goes it's too early to say for sure but I'm hoping that the comic will be released over the course of the next few months. Wish me luck! Also should have some preview art ready to show by the end of the month so be sure to check back then.


Digging through some college stuff over the weekend I stumbled across a couple of my animated shorts and thought I'd try rerendering them at a decent resolution for the web. The results aren't perfect (for some reason the framerate's a bit inconsistent at times) but it's definitely an improvement over the tiny Quicktime versions I uploaded a few years back. You can check out the new high rez shorts (and learn a bit about the production process) through the following YouTube links:

Mr. Fly's Fifteen Frames of Fame

Why I'm Moving to Maine

For the best experience I recommend clicking the "full screen mode" button in the lower right corner of the media player box.
Hope you like 'em!

SATURDAY 2/17/07

Recently took a trip with the folks up to Año Nuevo, a coastal state reserve notable for the hundreds of elephant seals that populate it’s shores during the winter months. On top of the 16 foot long seals (which are obviously the main attraction) the coastline is really spectacular and the area's home to a lot of interesting history involving, among other things, shipwrecks and abandoned lighthouses. For a better understanding of what I'm talking about you can view some of the pictures I took here and visit the website here. I definitely recommend stopping by if you're ever passing through.

On the comic front I'm currently finishing lettering work on the final installment of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist series which I've been lettering now for the past 18 volumes (around 3000+ pages). It certainly has been an exciting project to be involved with in part because it's such a popular franchise and in part because I got to learn a lot about manga (ie Japanese comics) and the process of translating them. I also learned a LOT about digital lettering techniques over the past couple years, experience that I hope will come in handy next month when I get started on my latest sound effects-heavy webcomic.


For anyone interested in behind-the-scenes stuff I took a picture of some of the sketches, layouts and illustrations that went into the production of my previous comic (Robo Luv) here.

If you're wondering why the hand-drawn backgrounds are without robots it's because they were illustrated and added to each scene entirely in the computer. Basically for each robot I would sketch out a rough design (like the one at the bottom of the photo), scan it into the computer, then use the scanned version as reference to build the final version with Adobe Illustrator tools. Eventually I ended up with a model sheet that looked a lot like this and allowed me to copy and paste the robots into the panels. Finally, because the robots were constructed from a collection of smaller shapes, I could manipulate the shapes in a variety of ways to create the poses necessary to help convey the story. It's pretty much an extension of the technique I first used when illustrating the Licensable Bear stories only instead of one simply-designed digital bear I was dealing with multiple complex characters that needed to interact with one another, thus making the illustration process that much more challenging and exciting. Anyway despite my delving into uncharted territory I was pretty happy with the results and I hope that, at the very least, it makes for a visually interesting read.

Looking ahead I'm in the planning stages of new webcomic about Santa Cruz which should, if things pan out as anticipated, have an entirely different rendering and storytelling style than my previous work. I'm currently wading my way through Making Comics and some animated shorts for inspiration after which I should be primed to get started on the artwork. Or at least that's the tentative game plan :)

Stay tuned for additional developments as they develop.

SATURDAY 1/13/07

Happy New Years Everyone!! Been pretty busy around here as I catch up on my post-vacation accumulation of freelance work but I wanted to quickly drop by and share a few cool links I happened upon over the break:

First up is a little "report" put together by Rob and Pete of Tozzer fame. If you've never had the privilege of attending a large-scale comic convention you owe it to yourself to check out this video and see what you've been missing. Oh yeah, and did I mention it's funny, educational, and narrated by Morgan Freeman ;)

Next up is a wonderfully inventive short that was apparently animated on a whiteboard. I'm not sure who the artist is but he/she's also responsible for this piece which appears to be illustrated on a roll of receipt paper!!! Very awesome stuff and some of the best "stream of conscious" animation I've ever seen (the music's nice too). Thanks Uncle Tom for the heads up!

Finally my 2006 award for stupidest webcomic character that I can't seem to get enough of goes out to Beartato found on He's half bear, half potato, and all fun. What more is there to say?


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