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THURSDAY 12/15/06

The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a new Christmas card design (awwww yeeeah). Those familiar with my previous designs may be (hopefully not too unpleasantly) surprised by the change in style this go-around. After the tedious, detail-obsessed 10-day process I went through to create last year's card the main goal this year was to adopt a less time-consuming, more free-flowing style. Ultimately, I settled on a look inspired partially from 60's-era-psychedelic-album-cover-art and partially from Santa Cruz, which, in this artist's humble opinion, go hand-in-hand. Whether the end result was better or worse than my previous efforts I can't say. The one thing I do know is the 2006 edition was by far the most fun I've had illustrating in quite some time, and that definitely comes as a welcome relief :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

MONDAY 12/4/06

Four months in the making, the trilogy concludeth with Robo Luv Episode III! I'm sure I'll have more to discuss on the subject in the upcoming months but for now all I'll say is: thanks for reading and hope you like it!

Oh, and for anyone out there looking to get a jump on their holiday shopping be sure check out the special sale going on at the OOTW Online Store now through December 15th!!

THURSDAY 11/16/06

The thrilling conclusion to everyone's favorite, romantically-challenged robot comic is now fast approaching (see above pic if you don't believe me, my banner ads never lie ;) Currently putting the finishing touches on some of the trickier details of the webisode's last few panels, then alls that's left is to go back and add the words (finish line's so close I can almost smell the taste of it!!) So, if I continue at my current rate of production, Ep III should break late Novemberish.

That said, let's hope next update'll be exclusively 'GOOD NEWS' content and none of that 'BAD NEWS/GOOD NEWS' crap I pulled last month. Wish me luck!

FRIDAY 10/27/06

Episode II of my steamy robot trilogy is finally up in its entirety here (ooOOooh yeah!) Sorry about the extendo wait, if it's any consolation Ep II's turned out to be twice as big (and twice as wordy) as its predecesssor. Ep III is on deck next in the layout stage, as per usual I'll have additional robo tidbits and preview pics to post in the upcoming weeks. Until then if you have any comments or feedback on the latest installment I'd love to hear 'em.

Also must report that during one of my recent evening hikes through the Santa Cruz Mountains I stumbled across THE WORLD'S CREEPIEST TREE!!! If you don't believe me check out these photos.

Oh... and hApPy HaLlOwEeN! :)=

WEDNESDAY 10/11/06


Bad news is work on Robo Luv Episode II is taking a bit longer than anticipated so the completion date is going to be pushed back until probably the end of the month. The good news is that the first part of EpII is finished and ready to view here. Hope ya dig it despite the lame cliffhanger, I'll be sure to have the conclusion up as soon as my schedule permits!

TUESDAY 9/26/06

Heya, as you can see from the above pic artwork for RL Episode II is coming along slowly but surely. Still on schedule for finishing it mid October so make your bookmarks, mark your calendars, and do whatever you need to do to make sure you come back to check it out!!

In addition Licensable BearTM fans can see 'the-bear-that-cares' tackling an important (and often overlooked) issue in his new public service ad here.*

SATURDAY 9/16/06

The first episode of the upcoming Robo Luv Trilogy has been uploaded for your viewing enjoyment here. I personally recommend utilizing your keyboard's 'left' and 'right' arrow keys to help navigate the page with greater ease.

In regards to Episode II I'll likely be finishing it mid October if all goes smoothly with my other gigs. Either way I'll be sure to post some EpII preview pics in the upcoming weeks. Till then happy reading and don't forget to spread the word!

ROBO LUV (coming soon)

FRIDAY 9/1/06

Progress on my latest webcomic is moving forward at a decent clip. As you can see from the sample image above the artwork is a bit different than my usual fare since I'm attempting to render the main characters block by block in the computer rather than exclusively with pen and ink. Also what was once Robo Luv is now The Robo Luv Trilogy (has a nice ring doesn't it? :) as I've decided to divide the main comic into three episodes to be released incrementally over the next couple months. That said I'm shooting to have Episode I ready by the 15th of September so be sure to swing by again and check it out.

At the very least it's guaranteed to be more entertaining than the Phantom Menace ;)

Apartment Confetti Photos

MONDAY 8/21/06

Finally was able to finish up that little "interior decoratorish endeavor" I started back in July. I posted some updated pics of the new plushed-out pad here if you're curious. Without getting too in depth my basic strategy was have each room encompass a different variation on the overall beach theme of the place. For example the entry hall is an all out nautical/yacht harbor theme with its fishnet and seashells. The living room has more of a cottage-on-a-coastal-bluff feel with its half ocean vista half woodsy skyline paintings. Lastly, the bedroom is equal parts tropical island and anything goes with its palm trees, bamboo fences, favorite art prints, and glow-in-the-dark dominoes (lots and lots of glow-in-the-dark-dominoes :P). It all adds up to a much more homely/personally-touched environment that I'm definitely diggin' now that I can finally sit back and soak it all in.

Also wanted to mention that the new web comic I hinted at in my previous update is now officially in the production pipeline. Tentatively titled Robo Luv, it's sort of a cross between Romeo and Juliet and BattleBots so (if I play my cards right) the finished product should have elements that appeal to and, likewise, offend everyone. I just took a second pass at the script and it's coming together rather nicely so I'll be starting up on the artwork soon. Stay tuned for the latest!

San Diego Comic Con 2006

Zelda and crew

Me holding down the Tozzer fort

No folks, this is not a doctored photo: hard evidence of my sister Karissa actually ATTENDING a comic convention!! SHOCK! SHOCK! HORROR!


Back from San Diego and I had a blast despite the killer heat wave. Highlights from the Con include (but are not limited to) the Robert Smigel/Triumph panel, the Animation Show screening (The Oscar-nominated Guard Dog short was a classic), and scoring a free Licensable Bear button from the About Comics booth.

When I wasn't roaming the floor I had the privilege of hanging out with Rob, Pete, and Samantha behind the Ablaze Media booth which was definitely a new and exciting experience for me. The first day I mainly busied myself with cutting Tozzer magnets, marking sales records, and generally trying not to get in the way. As I became more familiar with the environment I was able to loosen my figurative tie (so-to-speak) and enjoy talking with the browsers, meeting fans, and signing books. It was also fun to talk shop with Rob and Pete about their creative process as well as their past and future projects. Pete is an amazing artist who does character design work for a bunch of big name video game companies and having a flip through his Tozzer 3 sketchbook definitely inspired me to get off my lazy butt and start making some more comics of my own.

That said I better get back to work on my freelance commitments. If I get them done early enough I may just have enough time to get started on that new online comic I've been planning ;)

Conclusion: Good times in San Diego and I can't wait to do it again next year! (Thanks to Josh and Karissa for helping out with the photos)

SATURDAY 7/15/06

Heya, in case you hadn't gotten word Licensable Bear #3 is officially OUT! Not only is it endorsed by the bear (see above pic) but, after careful review of my complementary copy, I too also give the product my coveted seal of approval ;) Check with your local comic shop for availability or, better yet, swing by the San Diego Comic Con July 20th through the 23rd and pick up your copy from Nat Gertler himself at the About Comics booth (#5436).

In other Con news: Rob Dunlop and Peter Lumby of Tozzer 2 Special Edition fame will be in attendance at the Ablaze Media booth (#735) to promote their latest projects. It's the duo's only 2006 North American appearance so if you're a fan (and in the area) be sure to drop by to show your support, get books signed, and buy some one-of-a-kind Tozzer swag. Who knows, if you're lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) Rob might even decide to take your picture :)

Oh and if for some odd reason you wish to track down me at the Con I'll be hanging out behind the Ablaze Media booth (again: #735) most of the day Thursday through Saturday. See ya there!!

Apartment Confetti Photos

SUNDAY 7/2/06

Thought I'd share some photos of my latest "projects." Being a work-at-home freelance artist who spends around 85% of my weekdays milling about my mostly bare bones apartment I figured it was high time I took a stab at sprucing up the old working/living environment. You can see the results of my latest interior decoratorish endeavors here. While at times tedious (taping 323 glow-in-the-dark paper dominos to the wall comes to mind) it's certainly a fun experience to apply my creative energies to a medium other than pen and paper and the results (so far) somehow speak for themselves: adding personality and color to previously drab walls and corners. Overall the changes make for a much more inspirational environment to mill away my creative work week.

In addition to my apartment the online store has been updated up a bit as well. Car Ride Mousepads have been reduced to just 9 dollars a piece and Concert Coasters are now a steal at just four for 10 clams! The store also contains new links to my comic-related projects including OOTw eComics and LBTM #3 so be sure and check 'em out. Your interest is much appreciated :)

Licensable BearTM #3

FRIDAY 6/16/06

Hey all, only a few more weeks until LBTM3 hits! In the meantime you can check out a brand new interview with Nat Gertler about everyone's favorite marketable bear here.


Finally added a long overdue LINKS section to the site. It's basically a list of all the comic-themed websites that I find myself regularly checking out so I hope you find it useful. Also included some new banner ads at the bottom of the page just in case anyone wants to set up a link this way with graphic pizzazz ;)

In other news, Licensable BearTM #3 is scheduled to hit shelves in just a couple of months so now's the time to talk to your local comic shop owner about securing your copy. You can learn more about the book by reading the latest press release here as well as view sample art here and here. I can't wait to find out what Licensable Bear has to say to Santa Claus!!!

TUESDAY 5/16/06

In case you hadn't paid a visit to recently Jon Filitti posted an exciting group of podcast interviews he did with some big name creators in the comic industry. Questioned creators include Jeff Smith and Eisner-award-winning web cartoonist Brian Fies who weigh in with their thoughts on the past, present, and future of the medium as well as discuss some of their latest projects. Jon himself is also the subject of an extensive interview at the bottom of the page where he talks about comics as a learning tool and the origins of a little comic/activity series he wrote called Out of this World (now available in both print and digital form) ;) Oh, and while you're over there don't forget to check out the latest OOTW fan art. Woo hoo!!

Well, dat's all I gots for now. I'm off to San Diego for my sister Karissa's graduation party. She's escaping San Diego State with a Masters in Social Work under her belt which means she's officially got the most smarts in the family. Congratulations sis!! :)

SUNDAY 4/30/06

Uploaded another page from the latest Licensable BearTM story I illustrated. This page features Licensable Bear and the slacker antagonist in a heated argument over, what else, licensing issues. The page also marks the point just before the slacker learns a very valuable life lesson: it's never a good idea to piss off a bear (Licensable or not). To find out the fate of the slacker and an angry LBTM be sure to pick up Licensable BearTM #3 when it comes out this July. You can get more info on the book at and

July also marks the month that the Comic Jam War Anthology is released. For those who don't know, on April Fools Day of 2006 Nat Gerter helped organize an event where hundreds of comics creators across the U.S. were given 12 hours to make an eight-page story based on a single cover image. The entries were then judged by a panel of comic industry professionals who collectively determined the top seven stories to be published in the anthology. So, while I didn't get a chance to contribute a comic to the event, I was honored to be able to provide coloring work for the cover image that was used as a basis for the this year's stories (viewable here). On top of being an exciting project to be involved with, it's also the first time I've ever colored a mainstream comic professional's work (ie legendary X-Men artist Paul Smith) so the opportunity was a huge thrill for me. Anyway, to learn more about future Comic Jam books and events hop on over to Definitely looking forward to July :)

SATURDAY 4/15/06

Made the trek up to The City last weekend to attend the Alternative Press Expo. In addition to meeting comic creators and picking up cool books at the convention the weather was absolutely (and uncharacteristically) wonderful in San Francisco.

After APE I unloaded some comics in my trunk, grabbed a camera, and set off to explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Downtown SF for the rest of the evening. Although the hike turned out to be a bit more haphazard than I would have liked (it doesn't help when you "misplace" your map 10 minutes in :P) I had a lot of fun unintentionally stumbling into areas of the city I'd never been to before: Little Osaka, the Cable Car museum, and several parks. Eventually I came across the familiar Chinatown district where (after stocking up on pork buns at the local bakery) I was able to get my bearings straight and find my way back to the car before dusk. Anyways, I took a bunch of pictures along the way (filled up an entire memory card in fact) and organized them as best I could into a little San Francisco photo travelogue which you can check out here. Happy viewing!!

TUESDAY 3/28/06

Finished illustrations for my Licensable BearTM #3 comic last week. After spending the past several months chipping away at a single large-scale, multi-issue illustration project it feels good to mix things up by taking on new, smaller side projects like the LBTM stories. Speaking of which: you can catch a preview of my latest "smaller side project" here. From what I've gathered so far the book's shaping up to be another solid anthology. Being not only a LBTM contributing artist but also a big LBTM fan I'm itchin' (in a good way) to see what Nat and crew have in store for the other five stories.

Out of this World eComics

THURSDAY 3/16/06

Out of this World has gone digital!! Want to read the books without waiting for shipping and handling? For the first time ever you can read the entire Out of this World series almost instantly as downloadable eComics. Thinking about buying the books but worried they'll be too expensive? OOTW eComics start as low as $0.99 per issue!! In addition all the digital pages and activities are reproducible and can be printed out using your printer. So now that you're out of excuses: what are you waiting for? You can get more info about the eComics and learn more about the series at the official OOTW Online Store.

At $0.99 a pop I think it's safe to say that you'll definitely be getting your money's worth :)


Currently working on illustrations for a 5-page story in Nat Gerter's Licensable BearTM #3 due out this summer. Frequent frequenters of the site may recall this being the second mini-comic I've illustrated for the series (the first, 'LICENSABLE BEAR, FINDER OF LOST CONSUMERS', appearing in Licensable BearTM #2 back in '05). This time 'round I'm tackling 'LICENSABLE BEAR PERPETUATES FREEDOM' in which LBTM, this dude, and a giant truck collide in a grayscale cornucopia of action-packed hilarity (assuming my as-of-yet incomplete artwork does the script justice :) Anyhow, I'll see about posting some preview pages later in the month so stick around...

...Oh yeah: NEW WALLPAPERS UP! Took a couple favorite photos from my latest excursion and super-sized them for you background viewing pleasure. Also added a PHOTO TRAVELOGUE section just below the wallpapers (because, who knows, I just may have time to make more of 'em down the road). Anyhoos, that about wraps things up, sleep and maniacal bear drawings beckon...


With some 128-odd Out of this World pages officially out-and-about (*phew*) I decided to celebrate by posting some of my personal favorites on the site. You can check 'em out in the Sequential Art section or skip directly to the Issue #1 page, Issue #2 page, Issue #3 page, and Issue #4 page by following the respective links. Hope y'all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working on them and if you want to see more you can order copies of the books directly from Youthlight's website. Don't forget that all four issues are also available at a discounted set price here.

Anyways that's all I gots for now. More on my involvement with an upcoming top-secret About Comics project next update. C-ya den!

TUESDAY 1/31/06

Been taking it slow and easy the past couple of weeks (and loving every second of it BTW). Believe it or not I've been living here in Santa Cruz for six months now and yet it seems like I've hardly taken any time off for the sole purpose of exploring the area. Aiming to rectify this situation I recently dusted off my bike and headed up the coast to see what's out there. I took my camera along as well, you can see the fruits of my little outdoor endeavor in my Cruzin' el Santa Cruz photo travelogue here.

Yes, for the record I'm a sucker for sunsets and yes, if you can't already tell from the photos, Santa Cruz truly is a wonderful place to be. :)

SUNDAY 1/15/06

The latest Out of this World books are DONE!! Jon and I submitted the final pages to Youthlight last week and I'm proud to announce that Out of this World #3 and #4 are now available to order (see the SHOP section for more info). Spread the word, preview issue 3 here, issue 4 here, and enjoy the exciting conclusion to the first OOTW story arc! YAY!!

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