... although I don’t think I would have felt the same if I were outside at the time. :P

Official OOTW WebsiteRobo Luv Trilogy Webcomic

SATURDAY 12/31/05

Happy New Year! The final part of my belated Christmas webcomic is up. I added the piece to the CARD DESIGNS and WEBCOMICS sections of the site because it kinda sorta fell into both categories. Added OOTW #4 to the SHOP section and updated illustrations for the front and back cover of OOTW #3 so that they now accurately reflect the look of the final products. Speaking of Out of this World final products: Jon and I are currently putting the finishing touches on #3 and #4 which should be available in the very near future. Stay tuned for more info and best wishes in 2006!!

WEDNESDAY 12/21/05

Just added the first two parts of a new mini-comic/card design I made for the holidays. Hope ya dig 'em. The last part should be up sometime between Christmas and New Years so stay tuned!

Also the newly-expanded (now a 48 pager!) Digital Webbing Presents #27 (the horror-themed comic anthology I did some coloring work for) is officially out and about. Catch a preview here and here and catch a copy of the book at your local comic shop. If, however, it turns out your comic shop doesn't carry DWP books give the vender resposible the waving finger of shame and wait for the book to eventually become available for ordering through the Digital Webbing online store. So until next time... adios and happy hunting!

WEDNESDAY 11/30/05

First off Tozzer 2 Special Edition is OUT as I write this. Click HERE to read reviews and click HERE to write reviews and order your copy.

Secondly artwork for Out of this World #4 is ALMOST done. Just a few more pages to go! In the meantime be sure to check out my latest OOTW piece HERE and our first OOTW fan art piece (!) from my cousin Cole HERE.

That's it for now. The drawing board beckons... Wish me luck :)

FRIDAY 11/18/05

Phew. Long on updates, short on time. Currently plowing my way through the last batch of Out of this World #4 pages. Jon and I are aiming to have these babies done by the end of the month so OOTW #3 & 4 can be a part of the latest Youthlight catalog. In case you were wondering the latest books are looking real good so far (dare I predict they'll be the best yet). In addition to the focus on motivation and the usual helping of space adventure and activities issue 4 also marks the end of the first story arc so it'll be very exciting to wrap up some loose threads and finally have a complete OOTW installment out there. Future postings will divulge more but meanwhiles if you're cover curious you can check out #4's here (I hope I'm not spoiling anything when I say that this installment's going to have a happy ending :0

Also if you want to learn more about the books hop on over to ootwcomic.com and listen to Jon's latest audio interview on the subject (heck, even I learned a thing or two).

Lastly you can catch a more extensive preview of Digital Webbing Presents #27 here (see previous update for more info). The article gets a bit more in depth about the plots and inspiration for each of the four supernatural stories. Very cool stuff (I'm definitely looking forward to Sherman's Room).

Lastly lastly.... Happy Turkey Day!!!

MONDAY 10/31/05

JuSt wAnTeD tO dRoP iN aNd SaY...
...hApPy HaLlOwEeN!!!

aNd WhAt bEtTeR wAy To CeLeBrAtE tHaN wItH mUtAnT sPaCe LiBrArIaNs AnD cHiLi DoGs. mUhAhAhAhAaHaHaHaHaHa!!! Enjoy!!

SUNDAY 10/16/05

Added another Tozzer 2 coloring sample. This one highlights Mr. Lumby's amazing caricature rendering skillz with the first appearance of Luke Gorgeous (who bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain movie director I used to work under :) Anyhoo, if you want more Gorgeous (not to mention Jax, Vin, Yoda, Jules, Jodie, Moore, and Morphine) be sure to check out Tozzer 2 Special Edition arriving in finer comic book joints near you this November.

Speaking of coloring projects: the horror short story Sack-'em-up-Gentlemen which I did coloring work for waaaaaay back in 2004 is finally seeing the light of day within the pages of Digital Webbing Presents #27 (you can find a preview of the book here). According to the publisher the reason the short took so long to see print was that they were waiting for the right collection of stories to pair it with. Now that I've seen the lineup I can honestly say it's been worth the wait: Zombie Highway, Chris Eliopoulos’ Sherman's Room, Bob Zombie, and Sack 'em all make appearances in a comic book topped off by a kill er Nick Bradshaw (of Army of Darkness fame) cover. The book is scheduled to be released in December and you can order it now with the following Diamond solicitation # : OCT05 2941. Please jot that number down, head over your local comic shop, and ask the clerk to order you a copy or two. Myself in tandem with the rest of the DWP #27 contributers would be VERY grateful if you did :)

FRIDAY 9/30/05

The Web Comic Telethon came and went this month and was a big hit (over $28,000 raised for hurricane relief). I'm very happy that Jon and I could be a part of it and want to thank everyone who contributed their time and money to help make the event such a HUGE success. In case you missed it, the webcomic I illustrated for the telethon (titled The Rescue ) can now be found in the WEBCOMICS section.

Also added a new coloring sample I did for the upcoming graphic novel Tozzer 2 Special Edition.  I actually got my hands on an advance copy last week and was really impressed with how it all came together. A very funny read with great characters and awesome artwork (and I'm not just saying that because my name's attached :) If you want a second opinion you can read the TPB's first review over at ComicNexus.com.


Out of this World creator Jon Filitti and I recently submitted an original webcomic to the Web Comic Telethon to help raise money for the victims of hurricane Katrina. If you haven't done so already please visit the site, read some comics, and contribute to a VERY worthy cause.


First off I’m happy to report that the cat is out of the bag on the ultra top secret 105-page coloring project that’s been keeping me busy for the last few months. More specifically: the pop culture satire funnybook Tozzer 2 Special Edition is hitting stores this November!!! For the uninitiated the ‘Tozzer 2’ is the highly praised adult comedy comic series by artist Peter Lumby and writer Rob Dunlop revolving around a 12-year-old boy and his many misadventures amidst the deranged cast of characters at the Boarboils drama school in Hollywood. The book is sort of in the same vein as an uncensored Harry Potter-themed episode of South Park (only with better artwork, more gags, and three times the quazi-celebrity cameos {ie Luke Gorgeous, Jules, and Mad Jax to name a few}) . At any rate, the “digitally remastered” Tozzer 2 Special Edition contains all 5 issues of the original mini-series (now in full color, courtesy of yours truly), behind-the-scenes special features, and a classic collectors edition cover that’s sure to look good on any shelf (not to mention sitting next to your favorite late-70s-early-80s-era-science-fiction-trilogy-DVD-boxed set).

For more details you can check out the official press release (where I’ve been told I’m quoted as saying something rather humorous:), view sample pages, or hop on over to tozzer.com for the latest updates on everything Tozzer.

Also (as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one month) Out of this World has been picked up by Borders!!! To celebrate Jon will be holding a signing event at the Dubuque, Iowa location on Saturday September 10th (see additional info here) so be sure to drop by and say hi if you’re in the area (I’d be there myself but I’m planning a move to the beach that week). Anyway, special thanks goes out to Jon and the Dubuque Borders employees for helping organize the event, it sounds like it's going to be a blast and look forward to hearing all the details! Exciting stuff!!!

SUNDAY 7/31/05

Back from SD! The Comic Con was a blast despite being much bigger and busier than I had anticipated (as a result I was only able to cram in about 16 of the 24 or so things I had planned to do). Highlights included meeting some of my online comic collaborators for the first time, scoring some great deals on TPBs (Flight 2 and Murder me Dead to name a couple), Kevin Smith, the web cartoonists' panel discussion, and, of course, loading up on all those wonderful freebies. Good times and good people, I'm definitely looking forward to next year.

In other news Licensable Bear #2 (pictured here as a recent edition to my SHOP section) is still on stands so make sure to secure your copy before it's too late!!! If you're having trouble finding it in stores you might try hunting it down on the web (*psst* last time I checked Midtown Comics and Rabbit Valley still had a few in stock). You can also read a new review for Licensable Bear 1 and 2 here.

On a more minor note I did some fine-tuning for the website this weekend. Nothing earth-shattering, mind you, but it should (hopefully) make for a better navigational experience in the ARTWORK and WEBCOMICS sections. Anyway, happy surfing and I hope you enjoy my new buttons!!! :D

Licensable Bear #2

THURSDAY 6/30/05

Couple of items to note, first and foremost a little book called Licensable Bear #2 (pictured above) written by Nat Gertler and illustrated by a variety of artists (including myself) hit’s stores TODAY! If you’re one of the few who don’t know what LB (short for Licensable Bear) is all about I highly recommend dropping by his official website where you can preview LB comics, build LB products, and (my personal favorite) read about products they should have licensed LB for. LB #2 should be available at a finer comic book specialty store near you (if you need he lp locating one use the Comic Shop Locator Service) but, as always, please call ahead to make sure the book you want is in stock.

Also I'll be attending the San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 16th. In between combing the aisles and checking out the programs I do plan on spending a good chunk of time at the About Comics booth so if you’re in the area be sure drop by and say hi to Nat, me, and any other Licensable Bear contributors that happen to be hanging around. From what I hear it should be a fun event and I’m looking forward to meeting some LB fans :)

Lastly, it looks like the horror-comic-spectacular Sack-‘em-Up Gentlemen which I did coloring work for (cross my fingers) WILL be featured in a future issue of Digital Webbing Presents (most likely the November edition but I’m not making any promises this time). I know I mentioned previously that it would be available sooner but the story has since been postponed and pushed forward so that it could be part of a future all-horror themed anthology edition. Stay tuned for when I have more concrete info.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to feed your fix for eerie comics check out The Stiff, Jason Thompson’s self-proclaimed “be-all, end-all of the teenage-romance-horror genre.” The series is up for a Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award for best Dramatic Comic and all 200-odd pages of the ongoing story are currently free to view through July 11th. In addition to his work on The Stiff Jason is also a part time editor at VIZ Comics where I’ve had the pleasure to work with him so congratulations Jason on the nomination!!!

MONDAY 5/30/05

Wow, two busy months in a row, whoda thunk? To quickly summarize: I’ve been working on multiple large-scale freelance projects for the past few weeks including lettering work for a couple of Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist graphic novels (volumes 7 and 8 due out in July and August in case you were wondering) and coloring work on a 105-page graphic novel that I’m pretty excited about (more info on the latter as the project gets closer to completion). Also Jon and I are currently fine-tuning Out of this World issue 3 based on some initial feedback. The issue is coming together very nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing it hit stands! Out of this World issues 1 and 2 are currently available online with preview pages at ootwcomic.com (here and here) and youthlight.com (scroll down to OOTW and click the ‘View Sample Pages’ button). In addition, Jon has also gone to the trouble of outlining the entire first issue to give parents and teachers a better idea of how the comic can be used as a learning tool.

Lastly I just reserved my tickets for this year’s San Diego Comic Con which I plan on attending June 16th. I’ll be a newbie at this event so I’m not quite sure what to expect (probably a lot of perusing, purchasing, and pestering on my part, not to mention securing my copy of Licensable BearTM #2 out next month!!!). Can’t wait! :D


Busy, busy, busy and it looks like things won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Anyway there's a few things I wanted to mention for this April update:

First off, the Out of this World Fan Art Contest is currently underway on the OOTW forums (and, yes, prizes are on the line). Being a fan of the series myself I tried to submit this piece to the contest but Jon told me I didn't qualify for some reason. ;) Aw well, I guess I’ll just have to settle for adding the piece to my Out of this World ART gallery.

If you haven’t got your fill of Licensable BearTM #2 news yet you can check out the latest press release for the title containing content and availability information.

And as if last month’s barrage of hail wasn’t enough, this month our backyard was invaded by a wave of GIANT TURKEYS!!! I apologize for the shoddy camera work on these but, as you can probably imagine, I was a bit anxious to be in the presence of these fearsome and ferocious creatures (just look at those murderous eyes!). I shudder to think what May has in store…

MONDAY 3/21/05

Added another one of my Licensable BearTM pages to the site. If you want to see the rest, find out what exactly ‘bear’ and ‘girl’ are talking about, and discover why ‘girl’ is on a beer label be sure to pick up a copy of Licensable BearTM #2 coming this June to a comic shop near you (I’m such a tease :D).

Also: whist at the drawing board the other day I witnessed a particularly nasty bout of raining ice spheres. Not something you see every day in my neck of the woods. I was able to grab this quick snapshot towards the tail-end of the spectacle. For a period of about thirty seconds it actually looked (and sounded) like barrels of marbles were being dumped from upwards of sixty feet in the air. A pretty impressive sight I must admit...

MONDAY 3/14/05

Finished the illustrations for my 6-page comic in Licensable BearTM #2 (see previous update for details). The story is written by Nat Gertler and will be avalaible on comic stands this June so be sure to mark your calendar(s) and order form(s). You can hop over to licensablebeartm.com for updates on the series and see a sample of one of my pages here.

In other news, the Out of this World forums just went up yesterday. You can currently access the forums through the ootwcomic.com website or by clicking here. If you've read issues 1 and 2 and have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the series now's the time to drop in, say hi, and let us know how we're doing. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Last but certainly not least in the arena of exciting news: attractive acoustic concert tile boxes are now available in my SHOP section (the cozy car ride mousepads needed some company).

MONDAY 3/7/05

Just wanted to announce that I'm currently working on the illustrations for the latest Licensable BearTM comic book from Nat Gertler at About Comics. You can learn more about the character and the series by visiting the official Licensable BearTM website at www.licensablebeartm.com and read one of his previous adventures here. Me and a bunch of other much more talented artists will be illustrating a collection of short stories for the Licensable BearTM #2 comic that will be released in the not-to-distant future (sorry, not sure on the date yet). Suffice to say, it's an exciting project to be a part of and I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes together. More details to come, but until then you're welcome to view some new character sketches I did for the series.

'Out of this World' Issues 1 & 2


Just got my copies of 'Out of this World' in the mail and they are BEAUUUUUUUTIFUL (if I can be so self-indulgent). Seriously though, I'm really impressed with the care (ie glossy covers and thick interior pages to draw on) that obviously went into the printing process. It makes all the hard work worthwhile to see a product of this quality with my name attached to it. Anyway, in case I haven't mentioned it already (heh heh) you can order OOTW #1 (Anger Management) here and OOTW #2 (Bullying) here so be sure to secure your copy today if you haven't already.

Also I must mention the amazing job Jon Filitti is doing with the official 'Out of this World' website. If you haven't dropped in recently I highly recommend checking out all the new features that have been added. The site's got OOTW wallpapers, behind the scenes articles, and a sketch art section that contains almost every concept design I did for the series. So until next time... happy surfing!

SUNDAY 2/20/05

Hot on the tail of issues 1 & 2, Out of this World issue 3 is currently wrapping up production (I just finished the last illustration). You can check out the issue's cover here which features a sneak peak of Max's new arch-nemesis BOGS (he's the one with the giant purple head).

Also, in case you missed it, I added a new SHOP section to the site. If you're in a product-perusing mood feel free to drop in and find links to ordering OOTW issues and cozy car ride mousepads. Additional comics and other products I'm involved with will be appearing in the shop when they become available. Happy spending! ;)

SUNDAY 2/13/05

Yay!! Hard work really does pay off! Out of this World issues 1 ('Face to Face with X-35') and 2 (‘The Courage to Stop a Bully’) have officially been released and are available for order.

For the uninitiated: Out of this World is a comic book activity series that follows a boy named Max on his adventures through an alien universe. In addition to the exciting storyline and loads of activities (mazes, word puzzles, and cotton ball races to name a few) each issue focuses on dealing with a specific issue pertinent to kids of all ages (such as anger management and handling bullies).

You can learn more about series and view sample pages on the official Out of this World website at: www.ootwcomic.com. In addition the books can be ordered directly from Youthlight’s website here and here. Happy reading!

MONDAY 1/31/05

After months of hibernation the glorious sun has finally made a reappearance (in my area anyway, I hope the same is true for yours). Of course you know what that means: MUST GET OUT, WALK, RUN, BIKE RIDE, ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS (which I will do right after I upload this spiffy new non-snow background to the site). See you outside!!

SUNDAY 1/23/05

Added another OOTW promotional piece to the site. This illustration was for the back cover of Out of this World #2 and features Hope (the one in blue) who makes her debut in the issue.

On a totally unrelated note: I just got back from the beach today. My theory is that the amount of fun you have at the beach is directly proportional to the percentage of your body covered with sand when you leave. It doesn't get much better than discovering your hair is full of sand even though you were wearing a hat the entire time. :)

MONDAY 1/17/05

Issues 1 and 2 of Out of this World are getting closer and closer to their release date. If you're interested you can currently order a print catalog from our publisher which features OOTW books along with Youthlight's other bibliotherapy products. Just follow this link, fill out the form, and hit the 'Request' button and a catalog should be delivered to your door free of charge. In the meantime I added a new OOTW pin-up to the site featuring Max and X-35 (the two main characters in issue 1). The duo are also making an appearance in a new desktop wallpaper in the OTHER section. Thanks for stopping by, there's more to come next week.

MONDAY 1/10/05

Not a whole lot to report this week. Been busy working on the illustrations for issue 3 of 'Out of this World'. Unfortunately I can't show any of the pages yet but I thought I'd show a concept design I did for one of the issue's environments. It's of a prison tower on a desert planet where one of the main characters of the series is being held captive. The drawing is also one of my first attempts at coloring with Prismacolor markers so be sure to go easy on me (I'm still learning). :)

MONDAY 1/3/05

Happy New Year Everyone!

In light of the new year I thought the OTHER section could use a non-holiday wallpaper so I added one (based on my 'Car Ride' illustration). Also wanted to mention to any of the locals out there that my 'Santa's Vacation' card made an appearance in the December 25th edition of the Sacramento Bee newspaper! Cool beans!

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