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SUNDAY 12/19/04

The last Holiday Wallpaper is up. In addition all four of the holiday illustrations can now be viewed at their normal size in the artwork section as well (under the CARD DESIGNS header). For the record the beach and the car trip illustrations were colored digitally while the boat and skier illustrations were created with a mixture of watercolor pencils and digital coloring. Happy Holidays everyone!! I'll be back next year.

FRIDAY 12/10/04

Added a couple more Holiday Wallpapers to the new 'Other' section of the site (the card designs have been moved into the reorganized 'Artwork' section in case you were wondering). Next week I'll be adding my final Holiday Wallpaper as well as smaller versions of all four illustrations for the 'Card Design' section. See you then!

FRIDAY 12/03/04

My first December update, and what better way to celebrate than A NEW SNOWFLAKE background!!! (Exciting, I know).

If you want to get in on the festivities check out my new Holiday-themed wallpaper that you can add to your computer desktop background. The image was taken from one of the four Christmas cards I designed this year. The other three designs will be debuting on the site later in the month (unless you're one of the lucky few who already got a sneak peek *wink* *wink*). Anyway, it's my first desktop background so let me know what you think. If I get enough positive response I might be encouraged to make another one :)

MONDAY 11/29/04

You can catch a glimpse of the cover for Out of this World #2 here. Also wanted to mention that Digital Webbing Presents #19 hits stands this week. In addition to being the first full-color entry in the series the book also contains a short story co-written by Kevin Melrose (whom I collaborated with on the upcoming Sack-'em-Up Gentlemen comic in Digital Webbing Presents #23) so check it out!

MONDAY 11/23/04

Back in action! Been away from the site for a while, busy cranking out OOTW pages. Speaking of which Out of this World issues 1 AND 2 are scheduled to be available to order in Youthlight's January catalog. In the meantime you can check out the cover for issue 1 here (letters/logos by Jon Filitti by the way). I'll be posting the #2 cover next week. Have a great Turkey Day everyone!


Bad Elements news: You can catch a review of Digital Webbing Presents #17 here. And, again, the comic can be ordered online directly from the publisher's website here.

Sack-'em-Up Gentlemen news: It looks like the story has been scheduled for a February release in the full-color Digital Webbing Presents #23 (which should be available for ordering in the December PREVIEWS).

Out of this World news: Currently working on the second issue of the series. No official release date yet but the first issue may be available for ordering as soon as January (I'm keeping my fingers crossed). Jon Filitti (the writer) has also been working on an official website for the series that should be up soon.

SATURDAY 10/23/04

Added another Sack'em preview page to the colors section. A rather timely update if I do say so myself. So without further adieu...

...HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!

TUESDAY 10/12/04

Finished the colors for Sack'em over the weekend (see previous update). Follow this link if you want to check out a preview page (inks by Brian Churilla BTW). Being huge fan of horror fiction (Stephen King in particular) it was a big thrill for me to be able to contribute to a comic in the same genera. No official release date yet but I will update the site when I hear otherwise. Stay tuned next week for another preview page.


Digital Webbing Presents #17 can now be ordered online here. A variant version of the issue is also available on the site featuring some killer Bad Elements cover art. While you're there you can also pick up a copy Digital Webbing Presents #11 which features Kevin Melrose's first Bad Elements comic. Both issues feature 6 stories for around three bucks and come highly recommended. Speaking of Kevin, he was recently interviewed at Comic World News where he talks about some of his current and future projects including the Bad Elements series.

In related news I'm currently finishing up the colors (yes colors, not greyscales) for the horror short story Sack'em up Gentlemen which will be featured in a future issue of Digital Webbing Presents. I'm working with the Bad Elements crew for this one (story by Kevin Melrose, art by Brian Churilla) so I think it's safe to say that if you liked Bad Elements: Good for the Soul there's a good chance you're going to like Sack'em. Additional info on that project (along with some possible preview artwork) will be posted as it becomes available.

MONDAY 9/27/04

Still busy, but things are winding down a bit. Sticking to the theme of my previous updates I've added another Out of this World character to the gallery. This character's name is Secca Ma and he's the arch nemesis of Tiglos in the book. Happy viewing!

THURSDAY 9/16/04

Been busy this week but I've still had time to add a GIANT ROBOT to the site. The robot (also known as X-35) is another character from the sci-fi comic series I'm currently working on. Enjoy and stay tuned (I should have some more characters coming soon).


Added a new piece to the artwork section. This one features some of the characters I designed for the Out of this World comic series I'm currently working on. The series focuses on Max (in the center of the picture) and his adventures in another universe where he meets Tiglos (right side) and Marcania (left side). Jon Filitti is the writer/letterist extraordinaire and I'm handling all the artwork for the project. The book's been a blast to work with so far as it's given me a chance to design and draw all sorts of weird alien creatures which should be making appearances on this site in the upcoming weeks. Next be on the lookout for the giant robot that calls himself ....X-35.

Digital Webbing Presents #17


hurRAY!!! I've been told Digital Webbing Presents #17 (see above) hits the shelves today! You can find out more about the comic here and here. Basically I'm the grayscale artist for the main story (Bad Elements: Good for the Soul) which takes up over a THIRD of the issue. If anyone out there happens to pick one up be sure to let me know how it is. I, unfortunately, haven't gotten my hands on it yet (dern comic shop closed down in my area). I'll have to make the trek down to San Fran this weekend to find me a copy. Happy Hunting!

...and about that illustration job I was hinting at last week: I'm signed on as illustrator for a 4-issue comic series titled Out of this World (a sci-fi adventure/educational story intended for kids and teachers) that will be published by Youthlight. More info on that as it becomes available. I'll also look into the possibility of posting some of my preliminary drawings for the book on this site (no promises though). Exciting times!!!


QUICK UPDATE: I'm currently in the process of signing contracts for a substantial and promising illustration job that I am very excited about (and should keep me very busy for the next couple of months). Details (and maybe a drawing or two) from the project will be posted here just as soon as I sort through all the paperwork.

MONDAY 8/16/04

Finished my first tattoo design and added it to the site. I must admit I'm not quite sure why someone would want one of my drawings permanently engraved on their body. I know if it were me who got the tattoo the only parts I'd notice would be the mistakes and I'd keep wanting to go back and change it. Anyway, the person I did it for seemed to like the end result so that makes me happy. Here's the link so you can check it out for yourself.

MONDAY 8/9/04

I'm back and I brought some fan art to show. This one is for Kazu Kibuishi's Daisy Cutter (I actually met Kazu while he was in San Francisco this weekend and, to my delight, he gave my piece a glowing review). In addition to Daisy Cutter (whose #1 issue recently hit comic shelves) Kazu is also the editor/contributor for the comic anthology Flight which features multiple works by a wealth of talented comic creators. You can find more of Kazu's work online at www.boltcity.com (and be sure to check out his Clive and Cabbage and Copper web comics).

Been busy honing my comicing skills: this week practicing inking, next week digital lettering. Oh, and I'm also putting the finishing touches on my first tattoo design (which should be ready to show next week).

Nick and Monkey Comic

MONDAY 7/26/04

As you probably guessed from the fancy banner my NEW WEBCOMIC Nick and Monkey is online.

Nick and Monkey is the first comic designed exclusively for this website which means I was able to allow for a lot more freedom when it came to panel size and layout. In addition, since I was going for a cruder, more child-like style, this is the first comic that I've illustrated entirely within the computer. No pen, no paper, no scanner, everything you see was done exclusively with a mouse and a simple paint program (and maybe a little help from Photoshop). While it's certainly not a style that I want to reproduce anytime soon, it was a nice change of pace to throw all my technical skills out the window and just focus on the basics of comic storytelling: composition and pacing.

That said, I must close by thanking Nick and all the other LucasArts monkey-enthusiasts (you know who you are) whose wonderful monkey art and general love of monkey-related paraphernalia were the main inspiration for Nick and Monkey. Many thanks, hope you enjoy the strip, and, as always, your feedback is appreciated.

MONDAY 7/19/04

Another sequential page is up (which can be found here). I also added lettering and sound effects to all the sample sequential art in the Webcomics section so check 'em out.

Big update next week: My brand new web comic called Nick & Monkey will making it's debut. The comic was designed exclusively for this site and will be an experimentation of sorts for me in style and web layout. Story details are currently shrouded in secrecy but there is one thing I can say for certain: monkeys will be involved. Stay tuned...


As promised: another update. Got some new artwork to show. This one is a sequential page from an ill-fated project I was involved with. The bad news is that the page is not going to see print. The good news is that means I can add it to my site. You can find the page in the new "Sequential Pages" gallery of my Comics section or by clicking here.

I'll have some more stuff ready to show next week so until then... happy clicking!

SUNDAY 7/4/04

Happy Fourth o' July everyone!

In an effort to make this site more interactive I've added the option to both zoom in/out and adjust the lighting on my concert illustration (refer to the links below the image).

Next update should be rolling around as early as this Wednesday so stay tuned.

FRIDAY 6/25/04

Holy Tomato, it's update time! I added a new piece to the artwork section. This one is a CD cover illustration I did for a local radio station contest. In retrospect I wish I had modeled the audience after people I know or co-workers (it would have been more fun) but instead I just used random people (with the exception of my sister who somehow snuck in there unintentionally). Oh yeah, and the person on stage is supposed to be modeled after me (I couldn't resist, it's the closest I'll ever get to becoming a rock star).

Digital Webbing Presents #17 is now available for ordering through PREVIEWS. For more information see my previous update here.

Currently have a couple projects in the pipeline. Should see another artwork update next week. Thanks for dropping in!

MONDAY 6/7/04

I went to the beach! I brought back photos! The cream of the crop can be found here. Enjoy!

FRIDAY 5/29/04

A few updates for the site. First a new piece has been added to the colors section (you can see it here). Also I cleaned up the art section a bit: the light/dark series now has higher resolution images and links have been added so you can cycle through the series easier.

I'm currently working on several projects, some of which will end up on this site and some of which will, hopefully, end up in print. More on that as it develops...

MONDAY 5/17/04

Just wanted to announce one of my upcoming projects:
I will be contributing to the artwork for comic featured in Digital Webbing Presents #17. For those who don't know, Digital Webbing Presents is a monthly anthology comic which showcases short stories from a wealth of aspiring and established creators. The story I will be involved with is Bad Elements a crime/mystery tale written by Kevin Melrose and penciled/inked by Brian Churilla (I'm providing the grayscale shading for the artwork). In addition to the current tale Kevin also wrote the Bad Elements: Magic is Murder story which appeared in Digital Webbing Presents #11. Brian is an arti st who I've collaborated on several projects in the past (and who's work I'm a big fan of). You can find samples of some of the work I did with him in the Colors section of the website or by clicking here, here, and here. Currently, Brian is working on the illustrations for the upcoming trade paperback Watchdogs over at Platinum Studios. Be sure to check out the Digital Webbing Presents #17 Preview page to learn more about the issue and view sample pages. The comic will be available for ordering in the June issue of PREVIEWS and hit store shel ves this August so mark your calendar and be sure to reserve your copy.

MONDAY 5/10/04

An extra wide update today. The last illustration in my four part series is up. The illustrations have been rearranged so they are in the correct order in the artwork section. Again, each piece in the series has some visual imagery that ties it to the next one. Collectively they are supposed to tell a story, at least that was my intent, otherise I think they should also work as stand alone pieces. Anyway, happy viewing. More stuff next week (probably leaning towards the news variety as opposed to updates).

MONDAY 4/26/04

The second and third of four new illustrations are up in the Artwork section. The final illustration in the series will be up May 10th. Enjoy!

MONDAY 4/19/04

The first in a series of four new illustrations is up in the Artwork section. Basically how it works is each new piece will have some visual imagery that ties it into the previous piece. When finished, the four illustrations should tell a story when viewed in sequence (sorta like a comic except it's not a comic cause I need to fill out my Artwork section). Illustration #2 will be up next Monday.

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