Frankenstein wandering across desert dunes

The short-lived adventures of Frankenkind title

grayscale barren deset with a lone palm tree in distance


Aaaiiieee scream in desert

woman running in fear in desert

frantic women running

crowd fleeing

frightened men women and children

group of people running from creature

Frankenstein chasing humans

girl fleeing Frankenstein

Frankenstein shuffling through desert

Frankenstein wandering off panel

Frankenstein groan


black and white desert watercolor

bleak desert

off screen grunt

cacaww caccaw cacaw bird noise

bird flying through the desert

dingo running through the desert

kangaroos hopping throught the desert

wild animal stampede in the desert

frightened fox egret emu and snake in the desert

heron flying away from Frankenstein monster

Frankenstein chasing animals away

Frankenstein arms extended

forlorn Frankenstein

sad Frankenstein

Frankenstein scanning the desert

Frankenstein moaning

Frankenstein foreground palm tree background

Frankenstein looking at the horizon

Frankenstein standing in the desert

Frankenstein looking over his shoulder

Frankenstein turning around

Frankenkind walking towards a tree

Frankenstein closing in on a tree

Frankenstein shuffling towards tree

Frankenstein closing in on a tree

Frankenstein reaching for a tree

Frankenstein running into a palm tree

Frankenstein palm tree embrace

Frankenstein grabbing a tree trunk

Frankenstein pulling a tree closer

Frankenstein leaning against a tree trunk

Frankenstein being soothed by a tree

calm Frankenstein resting on a tree with eyes closed sleeping

Frankenkind hugging a tree tree hugger hippie

snap sound wakes Frankenstein

crack sound caused by a coconut landing on Frankensteins head

Frankenstein falling over

dead Frankenstein killed by a coconut

footprints in the sand desert

tombstone reading here lies Frankenkind all he wanted was a hug

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Frankenkind copyright 2016 Eric Erbes text cursive chalk