Alaskan Expedition (continued)

waterfall near Skagway

exposed mussels during low tide

Alaskan waterfall in the fjord

Alaskan mountains and glacier water run-off

bald eagle on a giant piece of driftwood

Fjord waterfall in Alaska

hundreds of salmon swim upstream in Skagway

Hubbard Glacier

Alaskan mountain range behind Hubbard Glacier

icy waters and snowy peaks in Alaska

Hubbard Glacier on a clear day

Alaskan squirrel and berries

yellow leaves mark the end of summer in Alaska

moose and her calf in Denali National Park

Denali in August (click for a larger wallpaper version)

gray, rocky mountains in Denali National Park

beautiful colors of Denali in the fall

yellow and red leaves in Denali

Mount McKinley peaking through the clouds

Alaska fall colors

trees turning yellow in Alaska

train tracks near Denali, Alaska

Alaska treetops

Moose in a lake near Denali

Alaskan moose drinking

Me and the family in our jet boat gear

journey home...

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