Alaskan Expedition (a photo travelogue)

Ketchikan docks

Ketchikan tunnel and eagle statue

Ketchikan bus stop in the rain

Ketchikan school

Ketchikan library through the foliage

Ketchikan tourists in the rain

Ketchikan tour bus

Ketchikan gift shop sign with pigeons

old water-worn buildings near the Ketchikan docks

Ketchikan homes on the hillside (click for a larger wallpaper version)

Ketchikan cruise ship

Juneau porcupine

Alaskan brown bear near river

brown bear fishing near Juneau

Nugget Creek waterfall next to Mendenhall Glacier

Nugget falls

start of a five mile hike with family at Mendenhall Glacier Park

pond in rainforest near Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier and lake

Alaskan rainforest waterfall (click for a larger wallpaper version)

birds eye view of waterfall near Mendenhall Glacier

rare Alaskan upside-down trees, the right tree's branches are angled in a way that makes it look right-side-up

muddy trail hike through the forest near Mendenhall Glacier

overlooking the lake at the glacier base (click for a larger wallpaper version)

journey onward...

© 2011 Eric Erbes