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Frankenkind Lives

Monday, November 14, 2016
Gritty Frankenkind logo over the image over a dungeon with a broken chain attached to the wall

Just finished a new comic based on my favorite classic movie monster: Frankenstein. Originally intended to be completed in October, it took a bit longer than expected and, since the comic is only loosely connected to Halloween, I figured I could get away with releasing it now.

It occurred to me while working on this project that the process of creating a comic is a lot like (I would imagine) the process of building a Frankenstein creature. First you extract parts of your brain (or, more specifically, various thoughts, ideas, memories and emotions) and stitch them together to create the body of a story. Next you spend weeks in the “lab” running experiments (sketches/layouts) and toiling away building machines (pencils/inks/letters/shading/coding) that pump life into your body/story. Finally the day comes where you flip the switch and what started out as a germ of an idea is now its own separate living entity that can wander off and influence other people (and hopefully not anger too many villagers in the process).

With that in mind I hope you like my creation! (D:)

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