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A Very Strange Man Partie Deux

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
A Very Strange Man Part 2

A Very Strange Man Interacts with the Outside World Partie Deux is online!

Once again it’s set in Santa Cruz, a town that seems to have had a significant influence on a lot of my work. Having spent a good portion of my “formative adult years” in Santa Cruz I think it’s only natural that the town weave its way into my stories about characters in a similar stage of their life.

Also the rate I conceive of new storyline ideas for comics is much faster than the rate I actually create a physical comic from one of those ideas. Thus, despite the fact that I’ve been living in Portland for the past three years, I still have a backlog of comic ideas that were originally conceived and developed while I was living in Santa Cruz (A Very Strange Man included). Considering the majority of the stuff I write is semi-autobiographical (A Very Strange Man excluded :P) I guess it’s pretty obvious why Santa Cruz has become my go-to setting as of late.

Finally, regardless of where I lived I just think that Santa Cruz is a great setting for a story in general. The young, the old, the rich, the poor, the tourists, the locals, the beaches, the mountains, all converge in a relatively smallish, scenic seaside town that hosts a variety of close-knit communities (including my personal favorite, the beach bum community). That seems like a setting ripe for drama/mystery/comedy to me.

Anyway I’m not implying that the Strange series is going to be some deep exploration of Santa Cruz culture. Far from it. It’s very much a silly, somewhat immature (some would argue horrifically unfunny) slice-of-life romp that happens to be set in Santa Cruz because I can’t imagine it taking place anywhere else. That and I don’t personally know of many long-form Santa Cruz based comics out there so I hope (if nothing else) I can do my part to change that. :)