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Manga Lettering and Website Update

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Grand Guignol volume 3 cover

While I had a nice break from work earlier in the year allowing me to revamp the site and create some new webcomics I now find myself clocking in massive amounts of overtime to make up for the lost income. Suffice to say there’s not a lot to report on the webcomic production front but I figured I should share a quick update since the last post was over a month ago.

First of all for those of you that are interested in my manga lettering career I just completed work on the five-volume Grand Guignol series pictured above (a title that can best be described as a Victorian-era zombie drama involving mind-control music and giant chain guns). I also continue to work on Saturn Apartments (about futuristic window washers) and Dogs (a John Woo-esque stylistic action romp). In addition I’ve recently taken over the lettering duties for Oresama Teacher (a goofy high school comedy). All and all my dayjob is keeping me very busy at the moment and I feel fortunate that I get to work on such a diverse range of genres to keep things fresh.

Moving on, I’ve also had a chance to make a few minor improvements to the website since my last post. More specifically I reorganized the webcomic section, added bookmarking/sharing links to most of the webcomics, changed the look of the animated shorts section, added a Facebook link to the contact section, removed pop-up windows and added a link to previous posts at the bottom of this blog. The most time-consuming update though is ironically also the least-noticeable: rewriting the HTML code for the entire site so that it conforms with the current standard and, thus, has a greater chance of appearing in search engines (and thus increasing exposure). So far the extra effort seems to be paying off as I just received my first guestbook comment. Woo hoo!