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Mr. Fly’s Fifteen Frames of Fame Face-lift

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the award-winning animated short Mr. Fly's Fifteen Frames of Fame.

Recently realized it’s been ten years (!) since a plucky housefly and his perilous quest for fame made its big screen debut in animation festivals across the nation. To celebrate this momentous occasion I’ve dug through the archives and (with the help of some friendly tech folks over in Redwood City) have prepared a digitally remastered version of the award-winning Mr. Fly’s Fifteen Frames of Fame viewable here. The graininess and choppy framerate that plagued my original online upload have been addressed so I encourage anyone that enjoyed the old version to take a gander at the new version in all its “creator’s original vision” uncompressed glory.

Fans of the short are also encouraged to check out the Son of Mr. Fly webcomic I made a few years back which I consider to be a “spiritual sequel” to the animation and features a similar style and story arc. In recognition of Mr. Fly’s tenth anniversary I’ve added a bonus graphic to the comic’s comments section which I think those familiar with the short will get a kick out of.

Anyway, thanks for buzzing by the site hope you dig the fly-centric update.

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