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Polish, Chrome and McCloud

Monday, December 13, 2010

Been doing some “under the hood” work on the website over the past couple days. Aside from the mundane code refinements and minor visual tweaks it appears I’ve successfully implemented a news archive feature in the bottom right column. You can either search the current website posts by month/keyword or (if you’re feeling nostalgic) follow the link to the old site design which contains posts dating back to 2004. Also worth noting: I’ve made a few additions to the links section as well as reformatted the World’s Stupidest Comic images so that the comic loads faster. The latter is certainly not something that’s entirely necessary with today’s high-speed internet computers but I thought low-speed mobile device addicts like myself could benefit.

Speaking of improved performance, I just wanted to throw my name in the hat as a recent Google Chrome satisfied convert. I had run into some issues with Internet Explorer ceasing to function so I had to fall back on Chrome as a back-up internet browser. Ironically it was the process of researching Internet Explorer that ultimately got me hooked on Chrome. The streamlined interface, the faster page loads, its even got built-in spell check (why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?). I’m sure this is old news for all you technofreaks out there but for the uninitiated I encourage you to give Chrome a shot, it just may revolutionize the way you surf the web (and read crappy webcomics). For more info check out this illuminating documentation illustrated by none other than comics scholar/guru Scott McCloud.

Traffic School Graduate

Friday, December 3, 2010

Just completed a mandatory 4-hour online traffic school class (please don’t ask me to elaborate, it’s a sensitive subject). Initially I thought it would be a tedious, redundant and unnecessary exercise for someone whose sole offense was accidently resting his foot on the accelerator a bit too long. However I was soon proven wrong when I stumbled across these enlightening pearls of wisdom:

traffic school train visual aid
traffic school bike visual aid

Watch out world, I’m a new man! My days of blindly driving in front of oncoming trains and clipping the occasional cyclist are a thing of the past!! THANK YOU ONLINE TRAFFIC SCHOOL!!!

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much though. According to this uplifting non sequitur I found in my traffic school documentation things could always be worse:

traffic school random factoid