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New Webcomic, New Style

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Biking in California online comic by Eric Erbes.

Just posted my latest webcomic, Biking in California, for your viewing non-displeasure. Would have had this one ready sooner but I’ve been busy doing “extensive research” on the subject matter (ie the weather’s been unseasonably warm here so my free time has been occupied by more than webcomics lately).

Regarding the comic itself, it’s a departure from my usual style (looser, more colorful, different medium) which made the process a bit more challenging (at least a bit more challenging than drawing a bunch of stick figures might appear). Functionally I think the style compliments the simple “plot” nicely and creatively it was a refreshing change-of-pace after the more realistic style of my previous comic.

Also, in case they weren’t immediately obvious, I just wanted to point out some of the features I’ve added to the new site design. First we got RSS and Atom feeds on the header (above) for keeping up-to-date on my latest comics/blog posts. Second we got my Twitter updates in the right column (which, admittedly, appear to be all over the place in terms of subject matter, tone and frequency). Finally, we got an improved comment system after every post (below) and comic featuring realtime posts, notification and reply systems. So if you find yourself perusing one of my comics and feel inspired to leave a comment (even if it’s “this comic blows”) please don’t hesitate to test out the new system. For me, any evidence that people out there are reading my stuff is a good thing (let’s just say I’m not doing this for the money). :)