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New Webcomic, New Look

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
New Comic: Random Rambles #1

HUZZAH! I’m finally back in action! For those who stuck with me and new visitors alike thanks for browsing my new site design. The revised look is a long overdue change that takes advantage of new web features and advancements in technology (as you may have already noticed I was particularly eager to utilize the increased screen size and resolution of modern computers). Not being a huge tech guy by trade I’m sure there’ll still be a few kinks to work out but hopefully you can still navigate the pages alright. Anyway, I’ll probably have more to say on the subject at a later date but I’d like this first post to focus on the much more exciting news of my new webcomic post.

Random Rambles #1 is the first comic I’ve finished in almost two years (those who frequented my old site will know that the dry spell was not a result of laziness or lack of ideas, but lack of free time due to increased work hours). The inspiration for the latest comic is twofold. First, after spending many months chipping away at a large scale comic project which has since been put on indefinite hiatus I wanted my next project to be much smaller in scope (i.e. something I could reasonably finish amidst my busy schedule). Second, having been so long since I picked up the pencil, working on a collection of short, “random” comics (as implied by the title there will be more than one) seemed like the perfect way to reestablish my fundamental drawing skills as well as branch out and experiment with new styles and techniques. While the style of the next few comics may vary the subject matter will remain the same: simple, to-the-point semi-autobiographical quips, observations and amusing asides (“comic tweets” for lack of a better term) I stumbled across during my 16-month stint as a recluse workoholic.

Hope you enjoy the first installment and be sure to check back again soon for more rambles!